Laurie E. W. Brandt

Biographical information:

I have several degrees which include an Associates in Television Production Technology from Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham Oregon 1976, and B. A. In History with a minor in Archeology and Anthropology from Linfield College, McMinniville Oregon, 1992.

I am a member in the following groups:

I currently live in Austin Texas with my husband Jay, my daughter Victoria, two neutered tom cats, George Ye Curious (not necessarily the brave), and Harry Blackstone; plus one Bernese Mountain Dog, Champion Windy Knob's Black Arrow, CGC (Canine Good Citizen), call name Crusader.

Photographs : Click on small photo to see a larger view.

Personal interests and hobbies:

I am interested in Women's Studies, Medieval and Renaissance gardening; music; dance; cooking; knighthood and chivalry and needlework. My current projects are researching out fighting women in the Middle Ages, and planing and building a Medieval pleasance garden.

Mediaeval and renaissance bibliographies:

Does this picture look familiar to you? (Click on it to get a closer look).

I am trying to identify the original source of this woodcut, and what it represents. I found it as a picture from the cover of Medieval Romances Edited by Roger S. Loomis and Laura H. Loomis, Modern Library/Random House, New York 1957. It shows five mounted women warriors. Two of them are Queens the others are Knights. By the shield one of the Queens carries and the crossbow carried by the other, the date for this picture is ca. 15th century Italy. There are no credits given. Has any one seen the original? If so who did it, when, what does it illustrate, and where is the original now?

Here's another mystery picture :

This picture was recently used for an advertising poster by Springhill (a paper company). They didn't cite where the original came from, or who the artist was.

I know it illustrates the Arthurian story of Parzival / Perceval and the Red Knight. However, I would like to know who did this illustration, and where it first appeared. Anyone know?

(Again, you can click on the picture to see more detail).

If you have answers to either mystery, please send me an e-mail, at

To learn more about me, you can read my SCA Resume

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