Part nine: "Hide and seek"

7 Mar 93 04:26:24 GMT

Article: 1263 of alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Newsgroups: alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Subject: Silk and Steel 9 Date: 7 Mar 93 04:26:24 GMT Lines: 510   Silk and Steel, Part nine: "Hide and seek" Copyright March 1993 by Jay B. Brandt, all rights reserved   -------------------------------------------------------------- When the Danny opened the satchel, Argus took full control of the rat-shaped rigger remote in the bag and commanded it to leap right into Danny's face. The ronin yelled and jumped back, off balance for a moment. Argus was now fully immersed in the rat-remote's sensory net. He was experiencing what happened to the remote as if it was his own body. As soon as he hit the floor, he spun about, oriented on a partially opened door that looked like it might lead to the main hall, and ran at top speed out of the room. The hallway was empty, with several closed office doors down each side, and a suspended ceiling overhead. He extended 'his' claws on the run, turned sharply to the left, and ran right up the wall at the nearest end of the hallway. Eventually someone might notice the staggered row of small, clustered puncture marks he had left in the wall, but that couldn't be helped. Right now he had to get the remote out of sight. When he reached the ceiling, he shoved a panel out of the way with the head of the remote, and rapidly crawled into the void above the hallway. By the time Danny looked out into the hall, Argus had already shoved the mis-aligned panel back into place.   He took a look around on infrared. Aside from the usual grid of metal strips and hangar wires supporting the ceiling tiles, he could see several light fixtures, which were radiating enough infrared to brightly illuminate the ceiling void. Several vent ducts crossed the space or ran down its length. There were also a few clusters of cables, possibly computer network wiring or the wiring for the vidphone system, or both. Still plenty of room for the remote to maneuver.   The partition walls on either side, separating the offices from the hallway, were open stamped-metal studs, with no wallboard except at the bottom few inches above the ceiling grid. Argus chuckled to himself. It was illegal to short the walls like that. It created quite a fire hazard. But it was a really common way for an unscrupulous contractor to shave the costs on a building job. The building inspector who signed off on this place probably got a cut of the contractors skim money to overlook it. Argus had found a lot of commercial complexes built like this, and it meant he could get into damned near all the offices with his remote, just by crawling the little unit through the ceiling spaces. That was the main reason he had commissioned a set of this type of remotes from Skinny Willie.   He crawled quietly across the tops of the ceiling tiles, back down the hallway. The rat-remote still had the computer disk in its mouth. Pausing where a vent duct entered the hallway overhead space, he slipped the disk between the vent and the tile below it. If anyone caught the remote, he didn't want them to get the disk as well. He could retrieve the disk later if all went well. He continued down the hall and entered the space over the office he had just run from. The remote got there just in time to catch the end of Danny's ill-fated interview with this 'Mr. Makoto'.   Argus had guessed this Makoto person was another of the Yakuza Oyabun who formed the 'Dark Brotherhood', the council of Yakuza leaders that ran operations in Seattle. After all, except for Aki, Shadowcat and Argus himself, only the Dark Brotherhood council members should have been aware of last night's meeting and assassination attempt. He heard the Japanese crime lord order Danny's 'disposal' and guessed Makoto must have believed the faked note from Aki that Argus had planted in the satchel, implicating Danny in the plot to kill several members of the Dark Brotherhood.   There was the sound of a scuffle in the next office, ending in a loud gunshot. A moment later, a woman's voice spoke in English in the office below. "Well, Oyabun, Danny's made his last mistake. Your people will have the mess outside cleaned up in a few minutes. Am I correct in assuming he bungled this assignment too? With all respect honored sir, it seems that you will need more than your usual street muscle to ferret out Aki and his operatives. Give me the chance sir. I won't let you down."   The crime lord replied a moment later. "No, not yet. You will do what I hired you to do. You will remain with me as my protection. Your advice last night enabled me to escape Aki's trap. You did well to suggest sending one of my kobun in my place. For that you shall receive a most generous bonus. Three of my associates died last night for lack of such foresight. I have no wish to join them. No, I do not wish to lose your protection at this time."   "Very well Oyabun. I shall return to my post." There was a sound of a door closing, as the mercenary left the room.   Argus considered this exchange. "So, Makoto was the only survivor of Aki's trap last night. Apparently because he's hired some special talent. Well, I think I will just leave that remote in place. It may prove useful later." He powered down the remote to standby mode to reduce the chance of detection, and broke off the connection. -------------------------------------------------------------- "Detective Isbell? I think I've found some interesting evidence for you." Susan Isbell turned to face the voice, and walked over to the forensics expert that had called out to her. "OK Marston, what do you have?"   He had a rather smug grin on his face. "Look in the foot well of the front seat. What do you see?" She looked into the burned car, next to the dead gunman. Most of the trunk area had been badly damaged when the gas tank blew up. The back window was blown out, and the back seat had caught fire. But the rest of the interior was mostly intact. On the floor in front of the front seat there were three sets of industrial sound-deadening earmuffs, and a transmitter of the type commonly used with RC models. She nodded. "Ear protectors and an RC rig. Possibly interesting, but no definite link with the crime, so far. So, I suppose you have a connection for me?"   Marston grinned self consciously. "Well hey, I figure we got four explosive devices went off back there near the van. Haven't found any fragments yet, and I'll bet we don't find much either, other than pieces of the detonators. The scorch marks on the walls near the van are pretty characteristic of flash-bangs. Stunners, y'know? Cardboard cased charges designed to make a lot of light and noise, but not to kill the victims. There were some charred pieces of plastic and a circuit chip near one of the scorches. I'm having it analyzed, but it's probably our detonator. My guess is whoever set off those damned things did it from here, with that RC controller. Same RC actuator unit that will make a hovercraft model turn can be used to trigger a chemical fuse, and the parts are nearly impossible to trace. As for the muffs, I'd say there were three people here, prepared for a -very- loud surprise party. We'll bag the muffs and transmitter and send them to the lab, and of course we'll go over this car for other evidence."   He walked back to the rear of the car. "Now look at this guy. I'd guess this was one of the three people in this vehicle. Hopefully he's not too badly burned for the lab to get some prints or other forensic evidence off him to confirm weather or not he was inside the car. I poked his jacket to one side to check him out. He's wearing a -big- shoulder holster under his coat, and appears to have been packing an autopistol, presumably the one there on the ground next to him. It appears that he was killed by a single blast from a shotgun, and the fire from the burning car finished the job. The shot came in really low, like it was fired from ground level, and apparently caught the car's fuel tank as well, causing the fire. From the position of the wounds and his body, I'd guess he was crouching low behind the car when he bought it. Caught most of it right in the crotch. Nasty way to go. The fire and explosion would have been a blessing. Angle of fire puts the shooter somewhere over that way. So far though, we haven't found any spent brass from a shotgun, or the gun itself, anywhere in the parking garage."   They walked back to the van. "We found three more handguns just like the one the guy back there had. Two were on the roof near the access door, fully loaded. The third was near the top of the elevator shaft, and was empty. No serial numbers on any of them, of course. We found a bunch of ejected brass that looks likely to be from that type of pistol, mostly here at the van and a few back there near the burned car. And in addition to the handgun brass, we also found about a dozen expended rifle shells in or near the van. No sign of that rifle yet."   Susan considered that a minute. "Hmmm. Two loaded guns ditched on the roof, and we had two Japanese 'businessmen' who 'just happened' to be here when this went down. I think I may want to have a little chat those two later. Go on."   "Now this van was pretty badly shot up. I figure first somebody stopped it with the flash-bangs, then attacked while the person or persons in the van were stunned. The lock on the side door was shot off, and somebody killed the driver. The driver is wearing a shoulder rig himself, but there's no sign of his gun. Probably it's the other one we found on the roof. Then there's a computer deck and some sort of control console that were here in the van, which have both been shot to hell. On top of -that-, somebody torched the damned thing. We found a burnt match on the ground near the back of the van, in a scorch mark left by burning fuel."   Detective Isbell looked it all over, then asked a few questions of her own. "OK. I'll buy most of that. But if someone went to the trouble to stun the driver with flash-bangs, why shoot him? If they just wanted to kill him, why not just blow him and the van to hell in the first place? There has to be something else they wanted in this van. Maybe a passenger. Maybe something to do with this electronic gear that got shot up. And we had reports of a blonde, female terrorist that was supposedly responsible for this, and who apparently came in with the driver of this van. Where does she fit in? And where the hell is she now?"   She walked around the van, and looked back in through the drivers side window. "Hey Marston, we got another little mystery. This van's only got Rigger controls, right? No manuals installed, that I can see. So tell me something. If this guy's the driver, where the hell's his Cyberlink? Somebody wants that guy to be mistaken for the driver. For the moment, lets keep that information between us, OK? I want to see what happens." -------------------------------------------------------------- Argus checked the information his deck had recorded while he was running the remote. The two remotes he had recalled from the Chatsubo had arrived, and were waiting out in the alley. Shadowcat's trace had stopped moving once, for just a few minutes, and continued North. It was now in an industrial district on the North end of the Sprawl. He quickly scanned the audio recording from the minicams in Shadowcat's bag, and identified the brief stop as a trip through a gas station and car wash. Possibly the vehicle had intentionally been covered with dirt or a water soluble paint, and running it through the car wash was intended to make tracking it harder. There was a robbery a few months ago where they had used wash-off paint on the getaway car. He activated the live audio again, and things sounded pretty much the same. Car noises and radio music, with a call sign from the same station he had heard before.   Argus felt he had waited long enough. He transferred the tracking link back to his combat deck, connected via his cellular link to the Matrix, and he headed out to rescue Shadowcat. The triangulated position of her transmitters was now overlaid on a map chip display, visible as a pane in his vision. The green on black grid of city streets had a slowly moving red blip on it, indicating her current position. He sorted it off to the upper left side, and brought up the rigger control window for the combat deck on the upper right. Lower left and right were sensory feeds from the two remotes in the alley. His 'normal' vision filled the center of what he could see. He dropped the coveralls and painters cap from the parking garage in an incinerator chute in the safe-room as he left.   Once out in the alley, he sprinted down the center of the block, still moving away from the parking garage. As he ran, he triggered a 'stay and evade' subprogram in the two rat-remotes. They would now remain in that area of the alley and act like 'normal' rats, staying out of sight and avoiding capture if disturbed. When he reached the sidewalk, he oriented himself, stepped into the now lighter flow of pedestrian traffic, and slipped out again a few blocks later, into a small department store. There he bought a light tan windbreaker to cover his black jacket, a matching pair of tan slacks, and a small, dark gray backpack. He picked up a few other small items, and paid for it all with an unpersonalized credstick. Then he took a moment in the public restroom, to change, answer natures call, and stow his black pants and his hat in the pack. A few minutes later, he stepped back out into the store. His long hair was brushed down to cover his Cyberlink. He now looked like any one of a thousand low-level office workers on the street.   He walked back to the alley where he had left the rat remotes, deactivated them, and placed them into the new backpack. Then he walked a quarter mile to the nearest cycle shop, to get some new transportation. He got there about 4:30 in the afternoon. The salesmen didn't pay much attention to him, as it didn't look much like he could afford their line of bikes. That was fine with Argus, as it let him check out the cycles on his own, and gave them less reason to remember him.   One of the cycles in particular caught his interest. It was the new 'Kurokinu San-zen', the Black Silk 3000. It had been highly touted as a perfect commuter cycle. A powerful road bike, with shaft drive, active suspension and cargo panniers standard, it also had another distinctive feature -- dual drive-train systems. For long-haul, high speed or highway use, it used a powerful turbine engine, capable of very impressive acceleration. At speeds less than 50 KPH, you had the option of using a very quiet, concentricly mounted induction-electric motor. Not only did the induction-electric save on petrochem fuels, but it was nearly completely silent, a big plus in crowded urban environments. Their floor display unit was tricked out with -all- the options, including a rigger port and comm set. It would be the perfect vehicle for this and other operations. It also cost at least 20 times as much as he had on him in cash and credsticks. He wasn't about to wrangle over financing and that crap. And he didn't have any ID on him that he cared to have traced later. He'd have to rely on other methods if he wanted that bike, or any other suitable vehicle, for that matter. He noted the VIN # on the cycle, and the dealers ID codes, and walked over to the display of used bikes and the accessories shelves.   After poking around for half an hour and selecting a pair of cycle helmets, he finally decided to approach a salesman about a used Kurokinu 150 scooter. It was only 300 nuYen. He noted its ID data as well. He walked up to the salesman just as the man was trying to lock up his office. He called out to him in a low-sprawl dialect. "Scuse me sah? You da one ah buy da bike from?"   The salesman turned with a tired and pained look on his face. He looked Argus over disdainfully. "Sir, we are closing. The data terminals have already been secured for the evening. If you come back tomorrow, I'm sure someone will be glad to show you something in, er, your price range. The girl at the cashier's office will take care of the small items you are carrying." He turned away and tried to leave.   Argus took the man by the arm and guided him back to the office. "Naw. Lil Suzy, she's mah girl, y'know? Wal ah tol her ahd buy er a bike for her b-day, y'know? An thas today. Now ah know it's late, but ah gotta get it now, right? It'll be no prob pal. Ah got creds 'n cash 'nuff to pay fer it." He flashed a few high-value credsticks and a wad of currency at the man. "We kin do it real quick-like. An deres a lil extra in it fer you too if'n ya kin get it d'livered to her party t'nite. Cummon pal, we gotta deal?"   The salesman looked around. "Well, I suppose -something- can be done. For a consideration of course. Let me see if the manager is still here. I'll need her override code to unlock the data terminals again." He unlocked the office and gestured for Argus to have a seat.   As soon as the man left him alone, Argus took off his pack and fished out one of the rigger rats. He placed it on a shelf behind the salesman's desk where it could see the office terminal. Then Argus sat down and activated the remote. From most of the room, the motionless remote was hidden in the shadows, and would not be visible unless you were looking for it. But it should have an unobstructed view of the keyboard and screen.   The salesman and his manager came back in, and the manager keyed in her access code. Argus memorized the key sequence as he watched through the eyes of the remote. The manager told the salesman "OK, make your sale and log off again as soon as you can. I'll be in my office. There's a bit more paperwork I can clear out while I wait. When you are done, come and get me, and I'll approve it and secure the terminals again."   After she left, the salesman entered his access code, which Argus also memorized. "Now then, which cycle were you going to buy, sir?" he said, with a look of anticipation.   "Wal, ah guess tha 150 scooter'll keep er happy wit me. Dat one dere by da goodies shelf. Got 400 Yen in credsticks right here fer tha scooter 'n two hats." He tossed them on the desk, along with a datasheet from one of their ad displays on which he had scrawled the dealer number for the scooter. "I tink dats za number ya need, right?" Then he peeled off 150 nuYen in currency and handed it to the man. "'N dats fer you pal."   The salesman's face fell somewhat as he realized the sale would be a small one, but he smiled again as the cash came out. "I'll need your name, and an address for delivery. I can e-mail one of our service techs to come in, to get the order and deliver it. Um, it'll cost a bit for his time and trouble as well. I'm sure you understand."   Argus chuckled, and peeled off another hundred nuYen note. "Dat doya? Name's Bruce Donalson. Sen it to da Flyin' Fish rest-rant, on Thorndike 'n Garfield. 'Bout 7 a can-do? Dats where ise gonna take her t'nite fer dinner. Have 'em page me, 'n I'll come out 'n get it. Hokay?"   The man pocketed the bribes and entered the necessary information. Then he logged off and locked the terminal. "All right. The transaction is queued and ready for approval. I'll go get the manager to lock up."   As soon as the salesman walked out, Argus got up and retrieved his remote, stuffing it back in his pack. He could only count on having a minute or two to act, but that should be enough. He pulled a cable from his sleeve and attached it to the terminal's access port. The other end went up his sleeve to the combat deck in his jacket pocket. A second cable went from the deck to his Cyberlink, hidden under his hair. He keyed in the salesman's access code. As the system unlocked he slipped into the cyberspace of their business construct to alter the sales record.   He found himself in a very simple and unimaginative construct, that looked like a windowless office full of file cabinets, with a desk and several marked in and out baskets for work in progress. His order was on top of the send queue. There was also a large watchdog sitting in one corner of the room. It looked at him, but saw only the salesman's matrix icon, so it just sat there and watched him. When Argus reached for the order, the dog growled. Apparently it was set to disallow altering orders after a certain stage.   Argus entered the manager's code, changing his appearance in the construct to match hers. The watchdog program blinked, wagged its tail, and laid down, watching her with one eye as its head rested on its paws. It didn't react when Argus took the order out of the queue this time. Argus swiftly altered the order, replacing the ID numbers for the scooter with the ones for the expensive 'Kurokinu San-zen' road bike. Then he changed the transaction details so that the buyer of record was 'Akijiro Asamoto', and the payment was to be a direct transfer of funds from the expense account Aki had given him to use for renting the van that had been destroyed in the parking garage. The dealership would still get their money, but it wouldn't be traceable to Argus, and he wouldn't have to prove his ID. Besides, as far as he was concerned, the damned bike was a legit expense for the unfinished biz with Aki.   Argus returned the order to the queue, and checked the e-mail to the man who was to deliver it. He changed the description of what was to be ordered, and added a postscript from the manager that on-time delivery was urgent, and confidentiality of the client's identity was to be maintained. Then he reinserted that into the queue and sent both the order and the e-mail memo, using the manager's authorization.   He checked the time. Fifteen seconds elapsed realtime. He swiftly made a dummy order for the scooter and the original e-mail memo, and added a virus code that would dissipate the fake order and memo rather than sending them. When the manager entered her authorization, everything would appear to be legit on the terminal. He jacked out, relocked the terminal with the salesman's access code, and sat back down. Total elapsed time, 30 seconds. It was so much easier to scam a corp system from one of their own terminals, especially if you could filch the right access codes. Argus hoped that when the irregularity was noticed the next morning, the salesman and his manager would simply take the cash and creds paid for the scooter, which they would still have, as a bribe to leave things alone. And if they -did- try to follow up on it, they wouldn't get very far trying to track down Aki.   The manager and salesman came back a few minutes later. They looked over the order on the screen, and she approved it and sent it on its way, locking the system again when she was done. "There, ah, Mr. Donaldson. Your girlfriend's present will be delivered tonight. Now, we really must get things locked up for the night. Sam here will show you out." Argus took the helmets and his pack, and quickly left. -------------------------------------------------------------- Two hours later, Argus was waiting in the lounge of the Flying Fish restaurant and nightclub. The club was on the waterfront at the North shore of Elliott Bay. The waterfront area itself was mostly industrial shipping and warehouse space, but the hills behind it had some fairly nice residential areas that offered a great view of the bay and the Seattle metroplex at the center of the Sprawl. Shadowcat's trace had stopped moving some time ago, and was now in an industrial sector on the shores of Lake Washington, North of the decommissioned Sand Point Naval Station. Argus had changed clothes again, back to his dark jeans and leather jacket. He had taken the time for a quick meal, but had spent most of the time planning how best to locate Shadowcat. Once he had the cycle, it would be easy for him to get to the area where Shadowcat had stopped. His best chance would be after dark, when his rat-remotes could move about unseen. That, coupled with the report he had overheard indicating that Shadowcat was uninjured, was the main reason he had delayed this long.   At about five minutes after seven, the voice of the cashier came over the speaker system. "Mr. Donalson? Your party has arrived. Paging Mr. Bruce Donalson. Your party is waiting at the front desk."   Argus looked out of the lounge into the lobby. There was a young man standing there, holding a battered helmet in his hand. He seemed to be alone. Argus activated one of the rat remotes that he had sent to the roof earlier, and scanned the lot outside. Everything looked normal, and there was a black Kurokinu San-zen cycle parked out front. It's engine still quite warm, as he could see it glowing with the infrared enhancement offered by his remote.   He went to the lobby and tapped the man on the shoulder. "I believe you have a cycle to deliver to me? I'm Donaldson. Mr. Asamoto said this was were I was supposed to pick it up."   "Uh, right. Yeah, I got your bike outside, fully fueled and charged up. Hope ya don't mind, but I drove it here. I didn't have time to arrange for a transport truck, and the boss says I had to get it right to ya. It's a real sweet ride, man." He fished out a small sheaf of papers and handed them to Argus. "Just sign where I highlighted the papers, an it's all yours man. Registrations your problem, but ya got thirty days to do that."   Argus signed the papers, as 'Bruce C. Donaldson', and handed them back, with a 50 nuYen credstick. "A little something for your cab fare home. I assume everything else is in order?"   "Yes sir! Thank you sir! The bikes right out front. It's the only new cycle out there. You can't miss it." He handed Argus the keys and his copies of the papers, and headed for the door. Then he paused as he got to the doorway and looked back. "Uh, hey, Mr. D., if you ever need any work done on that bike, an it's after hours or whatever, well, just give me a call. My card's with the papers there. I do good work, and I don't ask questions, if ya get my drift." He grinned and walked out the door.   Using the remote on the roof, Argus watched the man as he left the lot. When he got to the street, the service tech got into a battered car that was waiting at the curb. He showed the credstick to the woman who was driving, kissed her, and they sped off without a backwards glance.   Argus sent the remote over to the bike, and collected the two helmets he had purchased earlier, as well as the backpack, which was now full of gear. After walking out to the cycle, he jacked into its rigger port and ran a full diagnostic. It was in perfect condition, and ready to use. He stowed the second helmet in the rear storage cube, stuffed his hat and the tan slacks and windbreaker into one of the panniers, and stuffed the rigger-rat into the pack with its mate and the rest of the supplies he had purchased. Then he hopped on the bike, started it up, and took off into the night. -------------------------------------------------------------- Half an hour later, Argus was slowly riding through a neighborhood on the shore of Lake Washington. According to the triangulated fix Argus had been able to get from his combat deck, Shadowcat should be somewhere in the complex that was over the next hill. He stopped the bike at the top of the hill and got a pair of binoculars out of his pack, to survey the scene below. It was a large warehouse complex, with several storage buildings and a small office near the gate. The complex was enclosed by a fence eight feet tall, with a double coil of razor wire along the top. He could only see one gate, guarded by a single man armed with a rifle. Every ten minutes the man spoke into a comm unit that hung from his belt.   Argus took one of the two rigger rats out of his pack and set it on the seat behind him. Then he stowed the binoculars and rode slowly by the complex, with the cycle in quiet mode. As he passed, he had the rat remote jump off the cycle near the gate. When he got to the next curve, and out of sight, he took full control of the remote, and had it head for the gate. He watched the guard from a hiding place in the shrubbery until he called in again. As soon as the man finished his check-in call, Argus opened the rat remote's mouth and fired a trank dart at the guard.   Before the man slumped to the ground, Argus was rolling as fast as he could in silent mode, heading for the gate. He stopped at the gate, and took the man's keys and comm unit. Then he scooped up the loose remote and rode silently to the office building. He parked the bike near a side door, left one rat remote to guard the bike, and let himself and the other remote in with the stolen keys.   He listened to the audio channel from Shadowcat's minicams. He could hear a local 'silicon scratch' radio program blaring in the background. He tuned that down and listened carefully in the office. He could hear the same music. Argus sent the rat remote ahead of him, to look for any other guards that might be present. At the very least, he expected to find the person that the gate guard had been checking in with.   A few moments later, the rat remote relayed the sight of a very large Japanese man, leaning back in a heavy-framed metal chair. The man was polishing a large, chrome-plated autopistol, and listening to the music Argus had heard earlier. The man saw the rat, and started to aim his gun at it in a leisurely manner. Argus moved much faster, opening the remote's mouth and sending two darts home in the fat mans neck, to ensure a swift knockout. The man let out a groan and overbalanced, sending his chair over backwards with a loud crash.   Argus looked around nervously, but there was no response to the sudden noise. Hopefully that meant this was the only guard on duty in this office. He looked around, but couldn't see anywhere that Shadowcat could be being held. Then his eyes fell on something somewhat incongruous in the office setting. Next to the radio was a rolled up blanket. He unrolled it, and Shadowcat's minicam hair clips fell out on the counter. He deactivated the transmitters in them, stuffed them in his pocket, and ran back to his bike with the remote close behind. Then he gathered up the remotes and rode back to the gate, tossing the comm unit and keys at the sleeping guard as he left.   The transmitters had been detected, and were sent elsewhere as a decoy. Now his only chance of locating Shadowcat was if she regained consciousness and called him on her head-phone. He had underestimated the people who kidnapped her. He would not do so again. -------------------------------------------------------------- Text, all characters (especially Obaasan, Aki, Argus and Shadowcat), and the 'Virtually There' chain of simstim/VR clubs, all Copyright March 1993 by Jay B. Brandt, all rights reserved. Please use them only with my permission.   Comments, criticisms, and suggestions are requested. Please send them to me via e-mail at <> --------------------------------------------------------------   Well folks, there's part 9. Part 10 should be out in another one to two weeks. What do you think? Any new comments?   Shadowcat

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