ADMIN: Silk and Steel parts 0.x

Thu, 19 Aug 1993 13:38:43 GMT

Article: 1656 of alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Newsgroups: alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo From: (Jason Magnus) Subject: ADMIN: Silk and Steel parts 0.x Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1993 13:38:43 GMT Lines: 54   For those of you who have been patiently following 'Silk and Steel', first of all my most profound thanks. The feedback you have offered has been invaluable in refining this story and in honing my skills as a writer.   I am releasing several new chapters of the 'Silk and Steel' story line that take place -before- the original chapter 01. These cover what happened to Shadowcat just before and durring her extraction from her Corp, and the events that led to her being in that alley in the original chapter 01. Some material from the original ten chapters has been moved here, for a better flow. These 'prologue' chapters, and the rewite of the first ten original chapters, is largely the results of your feedback. Most of the changes are in this prologue and the first three chapters. The first three chapters have been extensively re-written, mostly to eliminate redundancies and to adjust for material moved to the prologue section. A lot of redundant material that was in chapter two was simply eliminated. I have also tried to move some expository retrospective material to the prologue, as part of the time line. Throughout the story the grammar has been improved and details added where they help the story or correct inconsistencies. I'm numbering the prologue chapters 0.1, 0.2, etc, so we don't have to renumber the whole thing.   If you already have read the first ten or eleven chapters, you -could- just continue with chapter 12 when it comes out (It will, fairly soon, I promise). Aside from the prologue chapters, none of the important details have changed. But I think it will be worth your while to read the new version.   -------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to Liralen Li and Hubert Bartels, who encouraged me to write and post some of my own stories. This ongoing first attempt on my part at writing Cyberpunk tales is dedicated to them. Domo Arigato! --------------------------------------------------------------   Thanks also to Mike Blackwell, for an exhaustive grammar and consistency check (Over 240 separate comments. Whew!); to Liralen Li again, for pointing out that 'Danny Li', being a Chinese surname, was a most unlikely name for a Japanese Yakuza member (His name appears in the revised version as 'Danny Hosamura'); and to all the rest of you for your questions and pointers.   There are some things that I have not changed here, simply for the sake of those who have faithfully followed this serialized version. I have not changed the names of several copyrighted persons or places ... yet. Ratz, Lonny Zone, and The Chatsubo are copyrighted to Wm. Gibson, and will not appear in the publication version of this story. And, sad to say, 'Shadowcat' turns out to be the name of an all-too-similar heroine in a Marvel Comics X-Men series, so her streetname probably will change too. But not just yet, hokay?   Now, on with the show!!   Jason Magnus, Author of 'Silk and Steel'

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