What we do in the Society for Creative Anachronism

What is the Society for Creative Anachronism (the SCA)?

The Society for Creative Anachronism inc. is a non-profit educational group that is interested in the Middle Ages Renaissance Europe and neighboring countries from 500-1600 AD. We learn and experience this historic period by recreating it at candlelight feasts, colorful tournaments, and through crafts, costumes, mock combat and studies of period culture. In the Texas area, the regional group is the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and the local Austin area group is the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.

How are we known in the SCA?

His Lordship
Jason of Rosaria Jason's Device

In the SCA, Jay Brandt is "His Lordship Jason of Rosaria, AoA, GdS, JdL". He is a minor noble in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, circa 1575. Jason sailed on one of Sir Francis Drake's ships as a ship's carpenter and doubled as needed as a gunner, and was one of the lucky few to survive Drake's circumnavigation of the globe. Jason used the wealth he gained from his service with Captain Drake to set himself up as a merchant Captain with several ships. He later sailed in defense of England against the Spanish Armada.

Some Spaniards say Jason is no better than a privateer, but even his naysayers admit he has never harmed an English ship, nor has he treated poorly those souls "rescued from ships that happened to start sinking in the vicinity of one of his own vessels". Jason is also well known for his skill as a woodworker and maker of furniture, and he owns "Bear Paw Woodworks" in London. His Home is Rose Manor, on the Rosaria estates (inherited from his mother). He is married to Her Ladyship Pegasus Devona.

Jason has a bastard half-brother (a lower-class alternate persona for Jay), "Bruce The Barkeeper", sired by Jason's father and born to a local tavern wench. Bruce now runs the "Bear and Tankard Tavern" in Dartford upon Darent, outside of London. He is best known for his juggling and sleight-of-hand tricks, and for a most potent beverage known as "Dragon's Breath". He sometimes works for Jason at Bear Paw Woodworks.

Her Ladyship
Pegasus Devona Pegasus' Device

Laurie Brandt is "Her Ladyship Pegasus Devona AoA, GdS, Sargent-at-Arms Emeriti of the Barony of Adiantum, Pursuivant". She is a minor lady of the court of Phillipa of Hainault wife of Edward the III of England, ca 1300. She lives in the Northern part of the country known as Cumbria, just south of the Scots border. Pegasus is a fighter, she has to be to live in that wild country. She is also a scholar and a book herald.

To learn more about me, read my SCA Resume.

Victoria of
Rose Manor

Victoria Brandt is "Victoria of Rose Manor". She is the daughter of Jason and Pegasus, and being two years old, doesn't do much else other than enjoying the love of her family and her big dog, Crusader.


Crusader is one of a very few "four-legged water bearers" in the SCA. He often works as a draft dog at events, hauling water and supplies in his cart or wagon for the water bearers, hauling or delivering ice and merchandise for the merchants, or even helping to clear fields of hay and other debris.

At The SCA's Thirty-Year Celebration in An Tir, Crusader worked as a water bearer for all eight days that Water Bearers did service. The Chief water bearer, Mistress Mercia of Stonegate, was referring to him as "Crusader the Wonder Dog", and she gave him the same recognition and service tokens as any of the human water bearers.

A REQUEST: If you attended the SCA's Thirty-Year Celebration in An Tir, and if you are one of the many people who took photographs of Crusader as he worked as a water bearer, could you PLEASE contact us so we can get copies of those photos! We were so busy at the event that we didn't take any pictures of Crusader working the event.

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