Jay B. Brandt

5814 Gloucester Lane
Austin, Texas 78723-3618

E-mail: rzex60@email.sps.mot.com
Work Phone: (512) 933-3920
Home Phone: (512) 926-9770

Current Employment

Motorola, Consumer Systems Group, Global Technologies, Austin, TX
Oct. '97 to present -- GT Lead Webmaster / Staff Programmer Analyst:

Designed, implemented and managed websites for Global Technologies and for the Advanced eDRAM Center. Worked with team of developers on a multi-server web. Supervised one desktop support contractor. Provided desktop support for two small sites.

Motorola, STL CIM Group, Austin, TX
Jan. '97 to Oct. '97 -- STL Webmaster / Desktop Computer Support Manager:

Designed, implemented and managed STL website. Supported up to 350 users and 220 Macintosh systems in the STL offices and Fab. Assisted with CISD CIM startup efforts. Supervising STL ramp-down efforts for redistribution of 320 STL computer assets.

Motorola, APRDL Systems/Network Group, Austin, TX
May '96 to Jan. '97 -- STL Desktop Computer Support Manager:

Assigned to provide dedicated support for STL, assisting them in forming their own new computer group. Supported 320 users and 158 Macintosh systems in the STL offices and Fab. Trained new APRDL Desktop Computer Support Manager and transferred QuickMail support duties to him. Trained a Photo Operator to be the STL Computer Support Technician and supervised her. All other duties as previously noted, but for STL only.

May '93 to May '96 -- APRDL Macintosh Support Manager:

Provided / coordinated support for 950 users / 550 Mac systems in the APRDL, STL and Partner Groups' offices and two Fabs. Supervised and trained one to two technicians at a time (five total). Managed their QuickMail servers. End-user support for Macintosh hardware / software. Configured / installed computers, peripherals, software and upgrades. Evaluated new and proposed acquisitions. Coordinated specifications for and purchase of desktop computer systems and software. Maintained software licenses. Enforced Electronic Information Security Standards. Responsibilities grew from 350 users and 180 Macs, with one technician to train and supervise.

Previous Employment

University of Oregon, School of Architecture and Allied Arts; Eugene, OR
August '92 to May '93 -- Computer Support Technician:

Managed a Macintosh Computer Lab and four design studios. Provided user support to over 100 students. Managed Microsoft Mail server for over 300 users. Supported LocalTalk and Ethernet LANs. End-user support for hardware, software and Internet problems (90% Macintosh, 10% DOS). Installed computers, peripherals, software and upgrades. Trained new users. Consulting services.

Linfield College; McMinnville, OR
July '87 to June '92 -- Manager of Microcomputer Services and Computer Technician.

Previous duties extended to entire campus. Installed, supported and maintained one Ethernet and seven LocalTalk LANs. Established and managed campus computer store. Added one student user support technician and one student service technician assistant.

July '85 to June '87 -- Computer Network Technician:

Supported Computing Science department. Certified Apple Macintosh repair technician. Support technician for DOS PC hardware. Installed and maintained one LocalTalk LAN. End-user support for hardware / software. Supervised 12 work-study employees in student computer labs. Assistant manager of computer resale program.

Computerland; Corvallis, OR
October 1984 to April 1985 -- Service Department Manager:

Senior service technician for computer store. Certified IBM PC repair technician. Support for Apple Macintosh, AT&T PC, Compaq PC, Epson printers and other peripheral hardware.


Oregon Institute of Technology -- BS-CSET

Bachelor of Science, Computer Systems Engineering Technology, May 1983

U. S. Navy

Data Systems Technician (DS3), Systems Operator, Specialist in Peripheral Equipment Maintenance. Received a letter of commendation for my work performance. Held a secret level security clearance. Honorably Discharged March 1978

Special Information

I have been working with computers since 1971, when I founded and managed Computa-Link Co., a software development company with a staff of 3 to 12 programmers. I ran that company for 3 years.

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