George Ye Curious and Harry Blackstone

These are our two cats. They aren't purebreds, but we love them a lot.

Biographical information:

We've had George (or perhaps he has had us) for about 14 years now. He came to us when were living with Laurie's mom while Jay was between jobs, trading yard work and other chores for rent. As we worked on the yard, a gray and white cat that we had never seen before wandered up and inspected everything we did. Even the lawn mower didn't scare him off. Laurie commented "Well, you're a real Curious George, aren't you?". With the cat curled up in Jay's Lap, completely ignoring a crowd of noisy finches halfway across the yard, Laurie asked Jay if he wanted to keep the cat. The cat seemed to be a bit more than a year old, and judging from his fur he seemed to have been on his own for a while. Inquiring with the nearby neighbors, we found he had been abandoned a block or so away when his family moved elsewhere. His first trip to the vet explained his stoic nature. A walloping case of ear mites had caused so much ear wax to form that he was temporarily deaf. The vet fixed that, and George soon showed great delight in listening to bird songs and trying to mimic them, to call the birds his way.

We got Harry a year or so later to keep George company when we went to SCA events. He came from a litter that Jay's sister's cat had. His name comes from the resemblance to the Magician, Harry Blackstone Junior. With his white paws and vest, he looks like he is in formal attire. His black chin, unusual on a black and white cat, looked like a goatee beard. Since Jay is also a stage magician, the name seemed appropriate.

Both cats are neutered toms. Both cats get along well with our daughter, Victoria. They even get along rather well with our dog, Crusader. The cats are not to the point of curling up with the dog for a nap, but they do sleep in the same room together every night.

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