The Capital Canine Carting Club is an informal organization of people who practice together while training their dogs to perform draft work. This type of training enables a dog and handler to gain a very close understanding of each other, so that they can work together as a team. The members of this group practice together weekly, training their dogs to safely perform these tasks. Safety is very important to a draft dog handler, and a responsible handler will never ask a dog to perform a task that might in any way injure the dog.

The national breed clubs for Bernese Mountain Dogs, Collies, Newfoundlands, and several other breeds hold draft tests for nationally recognized titles.

Several types of dogs have been specifically bred to assist people with their daily work, by pulling carts, wagons, sleds or travois. Many other breeds can be trained to do this kind of work.

In many countries, even today, draft dogs are referred to as "the poor man's horse". They haul milk and produce from farms to market, make deliveries in towns, or provide basic transportation by pulling dog sleds or small surreys. Although the dogs in our club demos usually perform with empty carts or light loads, a single working draft dog in the larger breeds can pull loads as great as 2000 pounds for short distances.

As a sport, canine draft work can be participated in by dogs of either gender and almost any breed, including rescue dogs and mixed breeds. The primary requirements are that the dog needs to be sound of body and in good health, it needs to perform well in basic obedience work, and the size of the draft equipment and the weight to be pulled must be in proportion to the size and strength of the dog. Breeds as small as Papillions have been trained to do draft work, using a modified toy dump truck for a cart.

If you are interested in canine carting, you are welcome to join our group. Here's is some basic information to get you started.

CCCC Draft Instructor: Chip Burnette, (254) 933-7405,

Contact Chip for information on upcoming draft training classes, draft tests, and workshops in this area.

CCCC Austin area contacts: Jay and Laurie Brandt, (512) 926-9770,

Contact Jay , Laurie or Chip if you are interested in practicing with our group, for the time and location of our practice sessions, or for having the Capital Canine Carting Club appear in your parade or at your event. We enjoy showing what our dogs can do, so long as the weather is not too hot for them to perform safely.